Fiverr Success Tips for 2021

Fiverr success tips for 2021
Fiverr success tips for 2021

Are you tired of waiting until your first Fiverr order? So this article is for you. Here we discuss Fiverr Success Tips for 2021


Because of the corona these days a lot of people think they are safe at home. I’ve been thinking of writing an article for my blog for the past few days, but it’s a bit late to write a new article because I’m busy with other blogs and websites. Last April I saw a 50% increase in traffic on our blog because a lot of people are homeless because of Corona. That’s why I felt that the group should do something new.

Heard that the impact of corona can cause great harm to many small and medium-sized businesses. However, these days in the world, the number of people searching for the size of the words Internet Jobs, Internet Money has increased. This is best understood by the increase in the number of people coming to our blog. It is also reported that the number of new entrants to freelancing websites such as Fiverr has increased. So today we are going to talk about tips for Fiverr success in 2021.

At that time I was the last person to work in Fiverr. But I had to make time for my higher education, so I temporarily stopped working at Fiverr. Now I don’t have time for Fiverr. But I think a lot of people reading this blog post are interested in the file and at least trying to be successful at it. Anyway, this article is definitely important for those who are still trying to play a great game on Fiverr. Do a Google search for ‘how to succeed in Fiverr 2021’ . I will share with you the contents of the best article I came across. If there are stories around then let’s move on to the topic ‘Fiverr Success Tips for 2021’

Many people believe that you need the luck to be successful in Fiverr. But that is a lie. It needs some luck. You also have to work hard to get orders. 90% of people make a gig with their skills and quit in two or three days. Maybe you’re reading this too. If so, get rid of your old gig right now and try these new things I say. I’m pretty sure half the people will be able to play a game,

When a buyer chooses a seller for their job, the first thing they do is search for their job on Fiverr with a search term. Then the list of sellers related to their work is shown. In this list, he then goes to the gig of each cellar to see who is the right person for his job. I select two or three of them and send them personal messages. After the relevant communication between the buyer and the seller, the buyer decides whether I will place the order or not.

Most of the time a buyer makes a choice from the first page of their search list or the maximum second page. Another thing that a buyer considers a lot back then is how their previous work is and how their reviews are. All these factors affect a seller to get an order. Now I will teach you some of the important tips related to showing your gig on the first page of this Fiverr search list. You understand how important it is to receive an order. That’s why I decided to write a post about this …… So this is how it works …….

Tip – 01) Get Your First Order ASAP

Fiverr first order
Fiverr first order

What you are doing here is placing a Fake Order from your friend. This is something you can easily do by paying your friend the relevant dollars. But keep in mind that this is against Fiverr Terms and Conditions. So do not overdo it but you may be banned. Tell your friend to give a good review after the order is done. Because it is on this review that you will come to the top of the search list in Fiverr and decide whether you will receive orders in the future. If you have not placed an order after the first order, ask another friend for another order and ask for a review with the best 5-star rating.

But boys, do not overdo it. Told what was going on. Therefore, it is good for the body not to do it again. If this does not work, then the next thing you need to do is make a buyer request every day. That is the most important thing you have to do every day. I mentioned this Fake Order work first but before that, there are a few other things you need to do with good research. This has to be done but it’s done right. So the next thing I’m going to say is that work. Remember to read the Fiverr terms and conditions. I do not approve of this wrongdoing. But our people also want to recover.

Tip – 02) On-Page SEO for your Fiverr Gig

Fiverr SEO
Fiverr SEO

Hmmm, maybe this is something that 95% of Fiverr newbies don’t know and don’t do. You may be wondering what SEO is all about. If you do not know anything about this, be sure to read the two articles below. This will give you a general idea of ​​Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?
How to SEO Your Website On-Page?

So here are the basic SEO principles that apply to this website that we use when we go to SEO our Fiverr GIG.

I forgot to tell you about another important article. This is an article about how to do keyword research. That’s an article you must read here. Because in the future we will use Search Terms or Keywords to SEO your Fiverr Gig. Therefore, if there are people who do not understand this, be sure to read that article as well.

Here we consider keywords or search terms as words that a buyer searches on Fiverr to show your gig. Simply put, you want to show your gig to those who search for things. Consider this and you can make a keyword list like this.

If you explain more about this Logo Design that you have seen, when we go to search on Fiverr, another set of search terms will auto-suggest below. These are the words that most people are looking for when it comes to logo design. If you are a logo designer then all these words are the ones that you need to add to your keyword list as they are relevant to show your gig. We make a list of words like this first, select the best and easiest ones, and SEO the gig about them.

Now you need to do a separate analysis related to the keyword list you created earlier. There you will be able to see what kind of sellers are on the front page of Fiverr’s relevant search term. See what they put in those gigs. They will also be important when building your gig. Also, if you go under the gigs of people in your field, you will be able to identify what kind of tags they are using. This will definitely give you more ideas for your Keyword List.

If Top Rated sellers or Level two sellers are at the forefront in terms of searching keywords, your competition will be difficult. Here we have to first select the 5 most logical keywords. He does everything in our gig regarding the keyword that can bring us the best logic out of those 5.

Here I will take one of the main tags and show you how to set up your gig for it. My main tag is: ‘Social Media Cover Design’

1. Add Keyword into the title

Now you need to set your gig title for the tag or keyword above; ‘I will do Social Media Cover Design for You for 10 $’
You can see how the relevant word is included in the title. You don’t need this way. What you must do is include the keyword of your work in the relevant title. But remember that it is very important to make your title very attractive. Based on this, he decides whether a client will go to your gig or not.

2.Add Keyword to Description

If you want to be very successful in Fiverr, it is very important to have a good description. There you have to present a complete short summary of your work. Depending on how attractive this is, your client may or may not want to hire you. All you have to do with a good description is put your main keyword and the other keyword underneath. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the quality of the description. To put the word Social Media Cover Design that we took earlier under this, we need to include this word in the first few sentences of the description, again in the middle and at the end. Too much can ruin everything. Therefore, this work should be done carefully. But never go in more than three times. Remember, too, that it is harmful.

3. Add right Keywords to Tags

Did I mention before that you can create a keyword list and choose the best 5 of them, here you can include those 5 words in the bottom tags of the gig? That’s why I told you to find out. Also, note that you cannot enter more than 5 tags. Tags expose you to the client.

Important Tip – Keyword also appears in the URL
Setting the URL of your gig depends on your title. If you enter your title correctly, this URL will be set according to the words used for it. Now that we have added the word social media cover design to this title, the word will be automatically included in the gig URL. This is also a great way to show your gig at the top of the relevant keyword.

Image Optimization with Keywords
When you add images related to gigs, you can add the selected keywords to their names. But this should be done as soon as the relevant pictures are prepared from the computer. But do not go on entering too many Image Names. A maximum of 3-4 words. This is also a great tip that is important in Fiverr gig SEO.

Tip – 03) Make Trustworthy clients

If what I said above is true, now you have a 70% chance of getting an order. The reason for that is that the Fake order is done correctly so you have 5-star ratings as well as a good positive review and the exact title, description, tags related to the gig. Without doing any of this, if you look at the buyer request daily and place the correct order, you can definitely set at least 2-3 orders. It doesn’t matter if the order is set unless you do it right. If the client is not happy about your work and gives negative feedback, you will not be able to easily place an order on the Fiverr first page again.

Because of this, you need to talk well with the client and do the job well on time. He got satisfied with your work and got a good review with a 5-star rating which means your work is right. This will make him order more from you and will greatly increase your Fiverr search rank. Having a trusted client who gives you orders like this, again and again, will inevitably affect your gig to come up with those keywords. So again, do your best.


Tip – 04) Increase your conversion rate

Usually, a buyer or client talks to several sellers before placing an order. He gives an order to a seller who thinks that he will do maximum justice to the work by talking like that. Here the conversion rate of a seller is the number of buyers messaging with him and how many of them placed orders. Suppose 10 buyers message you and only one of them place an order, then your conversion rate = 10%. Here the higher the conversion rate, the higher your gig will come up with that keyword. So you have to communicate with the buyer who is texting to the maximum and you have to talk as you place the order.


Tip – 05) Stay online 24/7

Usually, a client tries to do his job as soon as possible. While many buyers search Fiverr, they often find out who the active sellers are for the job. Because of this, a seller who is very active or online gets a small advantage. Also, a buyer would love to have a seller reply as soon as possible. Personally, I’ve been working as a Fiverr buyer so I’m well aware of this. I did one of my jobs very quickly because I was an active seller.

Important Tip -So stay active on Fiverr as much as you can. You can install the Fiverr mobile app on your smartphone. If you connect to the Internet from a laptop or computer, always login to in one tab of your web browser. I was able to find out that being online in this way also affects Fiverr search rank. In the same way, always read the Fiverr Blog and the Fiverr forum. You can learn a lot of new things from it too.


Tip – 06) Become a Higher Level Seller

Generally, we all know that when it comes to Level one seller, Level two seller, the main reason for this is that they get more orders than any other new seller because they are at the top of the Fiverr search result or on the first page.

This is the reason why they are most affected by the order. If you follow the order and come to Level 1, 2 with some good reviews, the journey beyond that will be very busy. Orders come and go as far as I can. Also, being able to level up like this will be able to bring your rank up to that keyword. If you do exactly the gig SEO part we said earlier, it will definitely be in places 1,2,3 in the relevant search result. To level up like this, you have to eat a little. You also have to be patient for a while. So do not stop halfway through the work.

Another thing I was able to find at the same time was that once this level is up, there is a decrease in orders at once. I do not know what that really means. But he was able to find out that it was happening. You usually have to earn at least $ 400 to become a level one seller on Fiverr. You also have to earn $ 2000 to become a level, two sellers.

Tip – 07) Promote Your Gigs in Social media

I’m not going to talk too much about this. Because I mentioned this very well in the first article I wrote about Fiverr. In short, you can promote your Fiverr gigs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Do not leave your link here. Because it can block you. Here you need to see what kind of social media people your potential buyers are on.

To explain this further, let’s say you are an SEO service seller. Then your service is needed by web owners and those who are interested in web design. So you can join Facebook groups where there are people interested in web design and development, engage with those who are there and slowly give a description about your gig. From here you will be able to bring exactly the same number of targeted customers to your gig. If one of these people suddenly orders you then there is no need to talk again. You’re a lot. Not only Facebook but also other social networking websites are compatible with each niche separately.

Always think of yourself as a buyer. Then you need to use these social networks to find the right buyer. Just creating a Facebook page, Facebook group, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Instagram profile for your brand is useless. I’m not going to talk about social media marketing much. Because then I have to jump off the topic. Let me bring you a set of articles with a lot of information about social media marketing and branding.

Now let’s look at the topic of how promoting these Fiverr gig rankings on your social media effects,

When you share a gig on other social media, it automatically streams to Fiverr. What happens then is that their business is promoted for free through the influx of more people to their website. Then the Alexa rank of their website will decrease a lot. That’s a big advantage for them. In other words, a new person came through this social media and paid a price to any seller and bought a service. As 20% of all these orders go to their accounts, the company’s revenue will increase. This is why Fiverr wants you to use social media to promote your gig. I was able to find out that the rankings of those who do this influence the keywords we talked about. So when you’ve done the gig correctly, think of it like I said, share it on social media and set up a game.


Other important Fiverr tips to consider

Create all seven gigs you can create in Fiverr in one category. This will not only expose you to the same category but also create a chance to order one of the gigs. I was also able to find that building an upcoming gig set comes up in the search terms that we talked about in our main topic. I’ve talked about this over and over again in previous articles about Fiverr. Making all the gigs would have spoken even better there when the order came. If there are people who want to find that article in this blog.

• The other important thing is not to change things like Fiverr gig title, gig images again. Because it’s something that spoils our gig ranking. Because even if you change the title, the gig URL will not change. So the URL is for the title given first so it will negatively affect your Fiverr rankings. This also negatively affects the image. So do not change the original title, image. Tags, descriptions you can change later. If you do not see a change in the ranking for the tags you have selected, add some other tags and change the description for them. I mean, it’s better to delete the gig and create a new gig with a new title, description, tags, rather than changing it over and over again.

Fiverr Success FAQs

Can I be successful on Fiverr in 2021?

Yes, why not. There are many sellers who get their 1st order within a day. So, you can be successful on Fiverr in 2021


My experience on Fiverr

Like you, I started Fiverr as a seller in mid – 2014. I also did not receive orders like everyone else. Anyway, so the order hasn’t come in a year. But I was just trying to make new changes in this new gig and not a single one was successful. Then at the end of 2015, I deleted the previous account and created a new account for SEO services with 2 gigs. Here I touched on buyer requests that I had not made before.

Everyday buyer request 4-5 put in with a good description. This is where I landed. About a month later I received my first order from someone from Croatia. But he gave me the order after he promised to do two or three times more work than I mentioned in the gig. So I did a good job and got a great review with a 5-star rating. After this, I was waiting for the order to come but it did not happen. But I never stopped making buyer requests.

About 2 months later, I got a job with a Bangladeshi. He also hired me because he promised to do big work for less. After this work, I only did 3 of his orders. He was a good customer of mine and also gave me good feedback. After this, I got the order to come. Somehow an order came in about once a week. While doing several orders like this, I got 3 orders in a row.

Unfortunately came to me during a very busy week. Because of this, I was sent to church overwork. Two of them didn’t go wrong. But one customer did not admit three times that my work was not right. He said if I don’t get my money back I will give a negative review. I returned the money and canceled the order as I also realized that the work would be wasted.

At first, I didn’t feel it but it hurt me a lot. It would have hurt if I had not received the order again. Then again I took an order from the buyer’s request but I had to cancel the work due to some reason. After that, I never received the order. Because I was stuck with my university work, I had to opt-out of Fiverr and not Fiverr again. Somehow I had already earned $ 40. Here I want to tell you, with my experience, never take on big work at least. The first few orders have no such problem. But if you continue to do this, you and I may get stuck and cancel the order and get in trouble. I tell you not to do anything less than your rate when the order comes

After this, I finished my work as a Fiverr seller. I worked in web design development, SEO and I had to start this blog and several other blogs that you are reading so I did not turn to Fiverr again. And I never had time to do it again. But I keep looking for new tips and tricks on Fiverr for you. I’ll find out and bring it back. But I’m still in it as a buyer. I will bring you the experience related to that, but if so, this article will be much longer. Whatever it is, I will bring it up in this article itself because I think one of the most valuable people will ever build it.

I have been working as a buyer since 2016 and several people have placed orders with foreigners & first placed an order as a buyer to create some do-follow backlinks to my website. paid $5 to a Hungarian man there. But before placing the order, several people texted the sellers. But I hired someone who I thought could do my job well. He was the one who communicated best with me. Others did not talk to me very well. But I also tried to do a great job there at the lowest possible cost. Some level 2 sellers did not like the work because of that. But the person I ordered was willing to pay that much.

I wanted to teach you here how a Fiverr buyer thinks and how to place an order. Like me, other buyers always try to hire someone who can do their job to the minimum and maximum quality. But the person who gave me my first job was a level 1 seller. He was the one who showed up on the first line when I did a Fiverr search for the job and described his work on the gig. Another reason for ordering was that he had some good positive reviews. That’s why I set him up.

After this, as far as I can remember, I made two more orders. One cost an Indian $ 5 to bring Facebook traffic to my English blog. He’s a newcomer to Fiverr. I ordered him there for my $ 5 because he was sure he would do a great job. Somehow the guy got the job done. So I gave him a 5-star rating with a good review. I’m glad I was able to give him the first order. I remember ordering someone from a European country for another referral marketing job and it didn’t grow the way I wanted it to. I thought it would be a loss later. Anyway, I gave him a good review too.


Hmmm, maybe close to 4,000 words now. Typed two days. I think this article may have gotten something new for those who are new to Fire and those who have done it before. Try these things now. If possible, share your file experience in the comment section below. It will be important to others as well. So thank you so much for reading this long blog post. I will bring a fire post only if you ask again. Or bring him back next year.

Then I invite you to read the other articles on our blog.

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