How to Earn Money for Doing Simple Works


So after a while I thought of bringing a new article. I was able to bring this because I got a little break from the corona case. I had to stay at home because the situation was getting worse. After all, we all did our part to suppress the corona without forcing the government. Or we may not be able to control this quickly. So you go to less crowded places.

Because people are at home these days, I also received a lot of wonderful calls and msgs asking about E-money. So I decided to write a new post. I wanted to write about this micro job site because a lot of people asked me to give them a job that can earn money quickly for doing really simple works


So this website is called Picoworkers. As mentioned earlier, this is a site where you get a small amount of work done & easy to earn money. That is a Micro Job Site. The Microworkers we talked about in those days were similar. In this case, all you have to do is register on the site, confirm the email and start earning money online (working).

Picoworkers online earnings Dashboard
Picoworkers dashboard

The most important thing is to have a Paypal account to get the money. You know that some countries still cannot get Paypal money. So you have to create a Malaysian / singapore Paypal account if you are living in a such . So remember the group and do it first.

Here is the video: Paypal Account creation for unsupported countries

Now those who have completed the paypal work, go to the link below and sign up for Picoworkers. Earn $ 0.5 bonus.

Register Now

Register to Picoworkers Here >>Register to Picoworkers Here >>

One of the things you must do here is to sign up here with the same email that you created with your Paypal account. Because it matters when it comes to getting money. Also the security question. Put a question in it and answer it. This is definitely a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

MicroJobs to complete 

Now those who have completed this work can start work. All you have to do is go to the small jobs in the top left corner and select the jobs you can do at that time. Let me bring you some of the available jobs, for example;

*Star-Clicks Sign Up                                  *Visit Website                                     *Youtube Create Account                    *Ecoin: Sign Up

Picoworkers microjobs
Picoworkers microjobs

So these jobs have been pre-paid. So choose only what you can do.

Receiving Money 💰 

You can withdraw money to Paypal as soon as you drive $ 5. So no mess. You can work as slowly as you can. They also pay for some cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the relevant people can get earnings for crypto wallets as well.

Picoworkers earnings proofs
Picoworkers earnings proofs

You can make more money by bringing in Refrrrals. Get your friends from the Refrerral Link. Then you get 5% of the money they earn. Then get to work. You win ..! We will talk about your problems in the comment section below…!

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