How to Make Money for Doing Nothing

Make sure you read until number six, so you don't miss out on a way to get tons of money for doing nothing. You'll absolutely be shocked.

Make money without doing anything
Make money without doing anything

Hey everyone and welcome back to TechTipsGuru today we’re going to be talking about How to Make Money for Doing Nothing for Free. Make sure you read until number six so you don’t miss out on a way to get tons of money easily. You’ll absolutely be shocked.

1. Create a PayPal Account to receive money

PayPal to receive money you made

So where do we begin well in order to get PayPal money for free you need a PayPal account. Right not familiar with PayPal it’s an online wallet that you can use to store money digitally and earn and spend you can earn money online and store it through PayPal. Then when you want to withdraw, you can withdraw it directly to your bank account or you can keep it stored in your PayPal and spend it online through online shops. It’s very convenient and safe many people use it and here’s how you can get started.

*First go to the PayPal website and go to the top right corner where you can see the option to sign up, it is a very simple click on that and it will lead you to another page.

*It will then ask you what kind of account you are wanting to set up. The options are personal account and business account choose personal account option and then choose whether you’re an online shopper/ a freelancer /both of the above or not sure.

*Next add in some personal information. It’s going to ask you for your mobile number and your email address. Make sure both of these are valid as they’re what’s going to be used for your account. And then once you’re done with that, you’re all set easy and you can also get the PayPal app for earning and spending on the go.

Note – PayPal doesn’t support every country to receive money & use. So, kindly visit this page & see whether your country is eligible Click Here

PayPal Sign-Up
PayPal Sign-Up

2.Go to Smart App site to make money for doing nothing

Smart App Claims that they make your interests matter they say that you can join their smart app research study and be a part of an influential network of tech users who turn their data into useful insights and extra money, Basically what this app does is gather information and data from you and then use that for research. Many apps already do this. So it’s a great way to make money online. For doing this you can check out their website to see what they are. All about they have info on who they are and what they do so.

How does it work?

*First you need to sign up you will then take a short survey to find out if you qualify to participate in the smart app research study.

*Next after taking that survey and signing up you will install the smart app on your registered devices.

*Then lastly keep your device connected and take the survey you will earn rewards from doing this, and it will also be contributing significant insights.

It’s a win-win situation. How you earn money is very simple, you take these surveys to earn cash and then you’re also automatically entered into monthly giveaways just for keeping your devices connected. If you’re a qualifying participant you can earn five dollars every 30 days. Just for keeping your devices connected you will receive a loyalty bonus every three months and you can make a hundred dollars of money a year just by having the app on your phone.

If you’re worried about your privacy, their website states that they collect data for market research purposes. Nothing will be personally identifiable your data is basically being aggregated and anonymized and used for research to help shape the way technology is used every day.

The smart app is dedicated to helping technology grow through surveys. They will find out how users use and experience the internet and devices. You will answer simple questions honestly, and they will use that information from thousands of others that fill out the surveys and figure out how to make the internet a more navigable place for everyone. This data will help out companies and users all over the world. It may sound risky to you but main social media platforms have been collecting data from you for years now, and you may not even know it this app is honest about collecting data from you + they pay you in money. So that’s a major.

3.Download the Smart App

SmartApp used tor making money or doing nothing

What you’re going to want to do to start making a ton of PayPal money with the smart app for doing nothing is, to download it onto your mobile devices and tablets.

You can find it in the app store on the Google Play store. You can also see that they’ve got thousands of reviews on the store & they’re quite reputable and have favourable reviews. This app isn’t going to make you super rich but for doing nothing you can already start to make money. You don’t even have to fill out the surveys. Just keep the app on your registered devices and then you’re all set to start earning money.

SmartApp Reviews
SmartApp Reviews

Once you have it downloaded then you will have the option to fill out surveys. These surveys are for helping companies looking for research data. You’ll be helping them out by letting them know how consumers think and experience technology such as apps, the internet and smart devices. You can also keep the application idle on your smart device and then through that they claim that you can earn $5 every 30 days just for having it downloaded. It can also get loyalty bonuses just for having it as well so you may as well download it on as many devices as you can and rack in all that money.

4.Go to Slidejoy App

Slidejoy is another great app that you should download in order to start making money for doing nothing.

Slidejoy App
Slidejoy App

So what is slidejoy?

Well, Slidejoy is as they claim on their website mobile ads supercharged. Basically, it works for both advertisers and users. If you’re an advertiser and owns a business you can actually advertise with Slidejoy. But you’re reading this article to make money right so as a user to make money.

What you’re going to be doing is having ads on the lock screen of your mobile device. Then you will get paid to have companies show their ads on your lock screen. If you’re bothered by this it may not be for you but a majority of people don’t spend too much time looking at their lock screen. So it shouldn’t even be a distraction to their smartphone’s usability. This is a great way to make money absolutely for doing nothing.

Let’s check it out on their about page. They say that they are a team of hackers and hustlers who want to make mobile services apps and devices free for the world. They intend on doing this by making advertising interesting through efficient products, sleek design and superior value for customers. Their about page also talks about all the founders and people who make the app work. It’s a simple enough premise and they are totally legit.

5.Download the Slidejoy App & Make Money for doing nothing

So what’s next. Well, you’re going to want to grab your smartphone for this. What you will need to do is download it onto your smartphone and or tablet. That’s how the app works. Now it will show you ads on your device and now you can make money.

If you look at the reviews of the app on the Google Play Store you will see that they have over a hundred thousand users. This app will show you personalized ads and interesting ideas once you register. You will get a card with either personalized news or an ad that appears on your lock screen. Then you will slide up to see more news or promotions. Slide right to unlock your phone, slide left to see more info on the current content or slide down to access your notifications.

What you will get from this are gift cards. You can even check the reviews and many of them are favourable. They claim they love the app and have received many gift cards from it. The app itself is nearly four stars which aren’t too bad. Especially since it has over 100, 000 users to use it. You simply just need to have it installed & can swipe to see more information about the ads but you do not need to do that to make money. Just you only need to have them there. This app is award-winning and featured on both CNBC business Insider Fox and many other reputable news outlets. With this app, you receive carrots every time & ad pops up on your lock screen.
You can then use those carrots to redeem gift cards (not PayPal Money) for a wide range of brands and retailers. The app and news are all tailored for your personal preferences. This app is great and it will help you out. So don’t be late to download it now and start making money. If you need more info about Slidejoy read this article on

Where to get Slidejoy:

  • Visit the Slidejoy website here.
  • Download Slidejoy for Android devices here.

6.Get your earnings

Receiving money
Receiving money

Once you’ve visited these sites, learned all about them and downloaded the apps to your devices you’ll start making money for doing nothing. This all happens without you having to do something. When you start making money you’re going to want to start redeeming the rewards from these apps.

You can redeem these rewards in different ways. For the Smart App, you will have to wait 30 days before you can redeem any rewards. On Slidejoy, you will earn a reward point called carrots. Then you will need to have used the app for a month in order to redeem these carrots. 1000 carats equals $1. So they will start adding up quickly. You can redeem tons of different gift cards from brands and retailers like Google Play, Amazon, Walmart. And more these are both great apps that will help you to earn fast money just for having an app on your mobile device. So check them out because you could be earning in no time. And there’s nothing to lose while you’re here go ahead and click on one of these posts on your screen. See you there. If you have any questions, please comment them below. I will answer them sure.


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